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3 IoT Development Tools You Have to Use

Most smart products you use and purchase these days are IoT integrated. Professionals and providers use these tools to accomplish so much for so many services, products, and industries.

Here are the top 3 IoT development tools thousands of companies out there are using today.

Tessel 2

Tessel 2 is not just a tool, it’s an IoT platform. If you are building a device of some sort for whatever reason you have, you need the right modules and technology to generate and run it.

Tessel 2 established a seamless connection of smart devices to almost everything in the world that helps people with their daily lives may it be at home, at school or work. Tessel 2 offers 10-pin modules for Accelerometer, Ambient, Relay, Climate, RFID, Servo, GPS, Infrared, and more.

Not only that, but they also have USB modules for BLE, MicroSD, Camera, Audio, and Cellular. To top things off, Tessel 2 also powers community-created modules like motion devices, lights, motors, and even heart pulse rate devices.

The Tessel 2 has two processors the 580MHz Mediatek MT7620n and the 48MHz Atmel SAMD21 co-processor. These resources give devices fast program execution. Tessel 2 also supports micro USB and it has 64 MB DDR2 RAM & 32 MB Flash.

To sum it all up, Tessel 2 is one of the best open source software/hardware available right now.

Eclipse IoT

If you are building IoT devices, cloud-computing platforms or gateways, Eclipse IoT is the software for you. Eclipse IoT services open technologies utilized by companies, businesses, and professionals.

This software is applauded for its cost-effective price rates in exchange for extensive capabilities, especially for cloud computing. Eclipse IoT is recognized among millions of developers all over the globe.

Eclipse IoT can support different programming languages and frameworks, mainly Java. Another big asset of Eclipse IoT is its ease of usage. Both experienced and novice developers get the best out of it.

M2MLabs Mainspring

M2M targets machine to machine applications for smart grid, remote/smart monitoring and fleet management. M2M is big for vehicle tracking with its ability to manage and store data in the long-term.

With M2M, communication and configuration for devices comes easy and most of all, automated. One of M2MLabs’ best frameworks is the validation and normalization of data that is vital for security and operation.

There aren’t many reviews for this software but there are speculations that it will undergo several updates.

What next?

There are several IoT software coming and going because they can’t simply compete against these three and many more.

However, the demand for new features and innovations keep on growing with more and more next level threats. These threats target not only networks but data stored in the cloud as well.

In many cases, IoT companies are coming up with software/hardware hybrid development tools. These are what most people are looking forward to and of course, strong security measures, even beyond disruption.

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