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Top 3 IoT Companies Today

There are more than a hundred IoT companies in the world today catering to different industries. These companies are not only responsible for making technology smart but cities and businesses as well.

Think about it, millions of businesses all over the globe adapted to IoT and cloud computing just to stay alive.

Not only that, the biggest cities all over the globe are now considered smart cities like Tokyo, New York, London, Seoul, and more.

Now, to be familiar with the top IoT companies in the world, here’s Rethink IoT’s top three.

postimage Top 3 IoT Companies Today Hitachi - Top 3 IoT Companies Today


Hitachi is known worldwide for their products and services for electronics, industrial machinery, information technology, telecoms and more.

Back in 2017, Hitachi launched the giant computer data storage company Hitachi Vantara.

The provider is now known as Hitachi Data Systems providing data storage services and augmentation such as cloud computing, data governance, video intelligence, data centre management, and of course, IoT solutions.

Hitachi Vantara’s very own IoT platform the Lumada 2.0 is a big hit among business sectors worldwide. Lumada turned data entry and management to intelligent solutions for businesses to gain more traction with their remote campaigns and projects.

One of the biggest assets of Lumada 2.0 is the utilization of the edge connecting sensor data and transporting it to cloud-based programs and storage.

postimage Top 3 IoT Companies Today Alibaba - Top 3 IoT Companies Today


Alibaba is not just one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world. It is also one of the top contenders in the IoT stage with their very own IoT OS, the MindSphere. Alibaba partnered with Siemens to make this possible.

MindSphere is an IoT operating system or platform for different IoT functions, mostly availed and utilized by businesses. MindSphere, through cloud-computing manages data that serves functions for people, machines, businesses, and even plants.

All data are generated and protected through IoT.

postimage Top 3 IoT Companies Today Cisco - Top 3 IoT Companies Today


Cisco’s IoT capabilities are valued by many of the world’s top industries like manufacturing, oil, aviation, automotive, and mass transit. One of Cisco’s biggest contributions to the world using IoT is its cybersecurity products.

Their cybersecurity products are focused on protecting people’s data against IoT threats. Not only that, but these products also help people better manage and control their data.

In terms of segmentation, secure remote access, data analysis, and data transparency, Cisco is on top.

postimage Top 3 IoT Companies Today IoT Beyond - Top 3 IoT Companies Today

IoT Beyond

All IoT companies are focused on a specific group of industries and services. These companies are at it 24/7 to help people better communicate with each other. They are proactive in making sure all aspects of our daily lives are protected from both online and offline threats.

The three companies in this list are not considered the top IoT companies worldwide, but only by Rethink IoT. We based this list on the top priority industries we think need further innovation and development.

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January 2022