Rethinking IoT

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Internet of Things. There is so much to discuss, debate, distribute, and dissect. Internet of Things or IoT is the integration of various interrelated computing devices, programs, and other resources. Think of IoT as an extension of the internet.

IoT systems can be operated, managed or circulated using unique identifiers. These are either software, programs or hardware materials with different features.

With that, just think about the volume of news, developments, issues, trends, and other topics related to IoT.

IoT, just like the internet, plays a vital role in the lives of millions of people all over the globe. This system helps people in terms of communication, employment, education, security, and other important aspects.

Rethink IoT

Rethink IoT is the grand idea of professional software developer and programmer Gavin Reid from the United Kingdom. Reid witnesses the many milestones modern technology achieves throughout the years.

With the emergence of IoT, Reid first got hooked in home security technology and after that, he decided to learn everything about the IoT.

After years of professional experience and further learning, Reid launched Rethink IoT. He first talked about IoT in the healthcare industry, then home automation, then blockchain, and more.

Reid wanted to share everything he and his team knew about IoT with the world. After that, Rethink IoT took off and is one of the best online magazines about IoT these days in the UK.