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Rethink IoT’s team produces and publishes more than 15 pieces of content divided into reports, news updates, and blog posts every day. There is so much to discuss and write about. We want our reports to be timeless and we also want them to be timely.

That’s a hard tightrope to cross so we are asking for your help.

Rethink IoT is opening its doors to volunteer writers to produce content for us. This will be voluntary, and everyone is welcome to join.

What to write about?

The main topic of Rethink IoT is the Internet of Things. We talk about the latest developments and issues regarding this topic. We also write about different internet and technology aspects connected to IoT, which is everything.

We also write about the biggest issues IoT-focused industries are facing these days. For example, there is a growing problem with hackers using IoT devices and systems to infiltrate and shut down networks.

If you’re talking about IoT, then we want to hear and read about it.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology and IoT work hand in hand. Together, they deliver hundreds of functions and features making people’s lives easier and more connected. A smartphone these days have millions of functions with the help of applications, operating systems, and of course IoT.

Cloud Computing

Another broad topic we want more people to be familiar with. Cloud computing is the integration, utilization, distribution, and collaboration of data through the internet.

These are the topics we were hoping for you to write about and more. If you are interested, you can send us some of your sample work to reid@rethink-iot.com.


September 2020